One thought on “Easy Gardens for North Central Texas Cover

  1. I have a question. Was given some information which I believe to be false and the source quotes this book. I am a Master Gardener and like to know my plants. It is about Vinca. I know the Madagascar periwinkle, an annual, which is readily available in many colors in the nursery. I use the Cora variety which is resistant to mildew. I know these are mostly called Vinca. (catharanthus roseus)
    I know Vinca major which is a perennial ground cover and which has a blue bloom. I know the varigated variety which is fine early in the season, then browns about now….August. Neil Sperry has a good picture of the vinca major with a blue flower.
    Are my sources correct? Is the person giving me false information quoting from your book.? Thank you. .

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