Atlee Burpee Company

Atlee Burpee Company

With a track record of over 140 years, the Burpee Seed Company is one of the world’s largest and most respected home garden seed and plant sellers.

Company Overview

Burpee Seeds was founded in the 1870’s by W. Atlee Burpee.  He is known as one of the original pioneers of the United States mail order industry. They have been in business over 140 years, and are recognized as one of the world’s largest and most respected home garden seed and plant companies.


Burpee began his business selling chickens and turkeys.  Eventually he saw a need for serving the immigrant farmer, who was having difficulty growing the same vegetables from his old European home.  As a result of this need, Burpee shifted the focus of his company to selling vegetable seeds through the mail, and became immensely successful in doing so.  In addition, by purchasing seed stock from Europe and selling it to these farmers, the business eventually expanded to ordinary gardeners.


Over the years the Burpee Company has remained true to this vision.  In addition, they have introduced many different varieties of vegetables to the market.


What They Sell

At its core Burpee specializes in vegetable and plant seeds.  They offer an incredible selection to choose from.


But they provide much more than just seeds.  Consequently, Burpee stocks a large inventory of container plants for annual flowers and perennials. In addition, they sell all types of garden accessories, including composting products, containers, fertilizers, tools and much more.


What Will I Receive?

Seeds that you order online will arrive to your door in packets.  Seeds are packed by weight, so the actual number of seeds in a pack will vary.


Container plants are packed securely in sealed plastic containers.  They are designed to protect your plants and preserve the soil.


Why Buy from an Online Garden Retailer?

The advantages to be found in shopping for seeds and plants online are numerous.

  • You can shop at your own leisure from the comfort of your home.  From there you have access to detailed descriptions of every available plant and product, with reviews from customers available.  While a garden center has plant descriptions they are often limited in detail.  In addition, the in house nursery staff may not have the time to answer each question you might have.
  • Online choices are not limited to what the local garden center has on hand.  Furthermore, they will usually have a larger selection of varieties and sizes.
  • Products are often cheaper due to lower overhead.  Consequently, savings can be significant when buying several plants.
  • The plants and products you purchase are delivered to your front door in a timely manner.  In addition good online retailers have developed excellent packaging methods for the actual shipment from their location to your home.



Begonia Dragon Wing: Heavy blooming, low maintenance. Great for hanging baskets and containers. One of the best and most popular annuals.


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Dusty Miller: A beautiful choice to pair with other plants in your landscape. This reliable gem provides a sharp contrast with deep colors, and makes all your plants look better.


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