The Tree Center

The Tree Center

One of the leading tree sellers, family owned, with a terrific selection of quality trees



Company History

The Tree Center has over 30 years of experience serving the tree and plant needs of customers throughout the United States.  This is a family owned company located in Davidsonville, Maryland.  They have a wide range of experience that spans over 40 years and three generations in the horticulture industry.  As their website says, they are “Tree People”, who strive to provide a high quality and affordable service while helping our environment in the process.


Their inventory of trees and other plants come to them directly from farms and growers, with roots intact, where they undergo a rigorous quality control inspection.  One example of their conscientiousness is their policy of quarantining each plant received.  This process assures health and quality.  In addition, trees and shrubs on premises are carefully nurtured after the inspection process.  As a result, the customer can be confident that when he places an order the plants they receive are of a very high quality.

What They Sell

Unquestionably The Tree Center specializes in trees, and they back it up in the variety that they sell.  As a result their inventory runs from traditional shade trees like oaks and maples, to flowering trees such as crape myrtles, magnolias, and redbuds.


They also have a nice selection of fruit trees, as well as tropical offerings like palms and ficus.


Because trees are often planted hand in hand with shrubs in a landscape, the Tree Center carries a decent selection of the most popular types, including Encore Azaleas, Hydrangeas, Camelias, Gardenias, Nandina, Yucca, Agave, and many more.

What Will I Receive?

Your order will be delivered to your door and will consist of live trees or other plants that have been growing for 3-5 years.  They will be properly packaged to assure they arrive alive, and contain detailed instructions on care and planting.


Shipping is FREE on orders that exceed $99, and a flat $9.95 for orders below that amount.  Discounts are offered for quantity purchases.


Seasonal order rushes occasionally delay shipment, but the vast majority of orders are shipped within two days via Federal Express, under an “Arrive Alive” guarantee.  Because the company is located in the Eastern US, orders will be received a day or two sooner by Eastern and Middle third customers than those in the Western third of the country.

Why Buy from an Online Garden Retailer?

The advantages to be found in shopping for seeds and plants online are numerous.

  • You can shop at your own leisure from the comfort of your home.  From there you have access to detailed descriptions of every available plant and product, with reviews from customers available.  While a garden center has plant descriptions they are often limited in detail.  In addition, the in house nursery staff may not have the time to answer each question you might have.
  • Online choices are not limited to what the local garden center has on hand.  Furthermore, they will usually have a larger selection of varieties and sizes.
  • Products are often cheaper due to lower overhead.  Consequently, savings can be significant when buying several plants.
  • The plants and products you purchase are delivered to your front door in a timely manner.  In addition good online retailers have developed excellent packaging methods for the actual shipment from their location to your home.



Red Oak:  A beautiful deciduous shade tree exhibiting brilliant fall color


Purchase Red Oak and other oak varieties here:

Red Oak








Ginkgo:  Tall, colorful, dependable.  It will grow almost anywhere under almost any condition


Purchase Ginkgo and other trees here:

Ginkgo Link











Little Gem Southern Magnolia:  Shorter version of the classic Southern Magnolia.  Great for smaller landscapes


Purchase Little Gem and other Magnolia varieties here:

Little Gem Southern Magnolia






Claudia Wannamaker Southern Magnolia:  Tall growing, reliable Magnolia, summer blooms, ideal for larger landscapes


Purchase Claudia Wannamaker and other  Magnolia varieties here:

Claudia Wannamaker Southern Magnolia









Color Guard Yucca:  A plant that will thrive in dry conditions with little maintenance or water required


Purchase Color Guard Yucca and other shrubs here:

Color Guard Yucca