Trumpet Creeper

Trumpet Creeper




Trumpet Creeper
Trumpet Creeper


Inevitably as a gardener there will be times where there is a need to cover an area of landscape quickly.  Trumpet Creeper is a climbing vine which is often the solution for this issue. This fast growing, deciduous vine is colorful, producing reddish orange flowers for up to four months beginning in early summer.  The blossoms are beautiful to look at, set against dark green foliage.  In addition, they provide a strong attraction for hummingbirds.


The vine itself will spread quickly. It is usually planted to train along an open area such as a fence line, arbor or pergola.  Its stems produce roots which will cling to whatever surface it is growing upon.  Trumpet Creeper is known to be quite aggressive with the fast growth and its ability to climb up to 30 or 40 feet high.  Because the vine spreads so quickly there will be a need for conscientious pruning, unless the area can allow for the very aggressive growth without sacrificing visual appeal.  Furthermore, it will need something sturdy to grow on.  For this reason you should not try to plant Trumpet Creeper on old decaying or flimsy surfaces which could be damaged further or destroyed by the vine’s aggressiveness.


While most commonly used as a climbing vine, Trumpet Creeper can also be planted to spread along the ground in sunny areas.  As a ground cover it will get to a height of 12-18 inches.  Plant it to cover up bare spots in an area that doesn’t receive foot traffic.  In addition, it is very attractive as a border planted along a walkway.


Trumpet Creeper will grow well in part sun but full sun is required for the best flowering results.


Trumpet Creeper Growing Conditions:

 Light:  Full Sun to Part Shade
 Water:  Low after it is established
 Soil:  Fertile well drained soil enriched with organic matter
  Zones: 4-10. 






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