Flowering Shrubs That Like Shade – My Favorites

The Challenge of Shade

Shade is a welcome feature in any landscape during the swelter of a summer day.  The benefits are many, and the visual contrast provided between shady and adjacent sunny areas are beautiful.  But there are challenges to growing shrubs in shady areas.  Despite those hurdles, you can make this an opportunity rather than a hindrance.  There are a number of flowering shrubs that like shade. Continue reading “Flowering Shrubs That Like Shade – My Favorites”

Evergreen Shrubs in Landscaping – Five to Consider

Use of evergreen shrubs in landscaping is an extremely common gardening practice. By definition, an evergreen is a plant that retains its leaves or foliage year round, in contrast to a deciduous plant which sheds it’s foliage in the winter.  Both can be used in the same landscape and planted as either trees or shrubs.  This article will focus on shrubs. Continue reading “Evergreen Shrubs in Landscaping – Five to Consider”