What About Planting for Winter-Things You Can Do

What About Planting for Winter
Winterberry Holly

In the past few months we have seen summer’s heat give way to milder and shorter days of fall. Depending on your location temperatures may have dipped a great deal, or perhaps only slightly. But what about planting for winter? Do I even need to do anything garden wise, or should I just let everything roll over into next spring?


Well, you can take a winter break, but if you do you will miss a great opportunity.  This is a great time for improving things around your landscape. There are plenty of things that you can do during this period of the year.  And frankly, some of them should you should only do at this time. Winter related tasks, landscaping changes, and adding in new winter friendly plants are a few of the things to consider.  These will keep you busy during the times when your garden is its most dormant. Continue reading “What About Planting for Winter-Things You Can Do”

Preparing Soil for a Vegetable Garden – Your Foundation

The soil is your foundation in a vegetable garden.  It represents a huge factor in whether or not your garden will succeed or fail.  The better you prepare and keep your soil, the better your vegetables will grow.  The more time and effort you invest in planning and preparing soil for a vegetable garden the less time you will ultimately have to spend in maintaining weeds and other problems. Continue reading “Preparing Soil for a Vegetable Garden – Your Foundation”

Indoor Container Vegetable Gardening – Seed to Bed

Growing Vegetables Indoors

Starting plants from seeds, while seemingly complicated, is one of the most common and rewarding types of gardening. There are a few steps that need to be learned, and a small amount of equipment to buy, to be a successful seed gardener. As a result, indoor container vegetable gardening is an established practice that has many benefits.

Plants that flower and produce buds are started from seed.

Indoor Container Vegetable Gardening-Seed to Bed
Seeds Offer Gardeners Many Options for Growing Vegetables

Continue reading “Indoor Container Vegetable Gardening – Seed to Bed”

Frugal Gardening Containers – Your Choices Abound

Utilizing containers is a great way to enhance your existing garden, or begin your first one.  For those on a budget the use of frugal gardening containers will enable you to feature an attractive garden without breaking your pocketbook.  The money you can potentially save by taking a little time to be creative in your container selection can be used in other areas of your landscape, or for other needs in your household. Continue reading “Frugal Gardening Containers – Your Choices Abound”

Best Inexpensive Ground Cover – The Landscape Makeover

Ground Covers are increasing in popularity among residential property owners, and with good reason.  The best inexpensive ground cover ideas can literally transform an area from a dry, boring, tired look with patchy grass and bare spots into a beautiful, creative, lush space that you will be proud to show off to your friends will admire for years. Continue reading “Best Inexpensive Ground Cover – The Landscape Makeover”

How to Get Rid of Weeds From the Flower Beds

Weeds are often the biggest frustration a gardener deals with, but it usually doesn’t have to be that way. How to get rid of weeds from the flower beds in your landscape is a question you will be dealing with at some point very early in your gardening endeavors.  How you address this issue will determine to a large extent how happy you are with your garden. Continue reading “How to Get Rid of Weeds From the Flower Beds”

Flowering Shrubs That Like Shade – My Favorites

The Challenge of Shade

Shade is a welcome feature in any landscape during the swelter of a summer day.  The benefits are many, and the visual contrast provided between shady and adjacent sunny areas are beautiful.  But there are challenges to growing shrubs in shady areas.  Despite those hurdles, you can make this an opportunity rather than a hindrance.  There are a number of flowering shrubs that like shade. Continue reading “Flowering Shrubs That Like Shade – My Favorites”

Evergreen Shrubs in Landscaping – Five to Consider

Use of evergreen shrubs in landscaping is an extremely common gardening practice. By definition, an evergreen is a plant that retains its leaves or foliage year round, in contrast to a deciduous plant which sheds it’s foliage in the winter.  Both can be used in the same landscape and planted as either trees or shrubs.  This article will focus on shrubs. Continue reading “Evergreen Shrubs in Landscaping – Five to Consider”

Gardening Soil Preparation

Success in your garden lies to a large extent in your soil.  And for that reason proper gardening soil preparation is essential in laying the foundation for what you plan to do.  And unfortunately, when you decide to start a garden the odds are that the soil you will have to work with initially isn’t going to be suitable to grow what you want.  You are most likely going to have to take steps to amend your soil to get it to where you want it. Continue reading “Gardening Soil Preparation”