Classy Groundcovers

Classy Groundcovers

One of the most highly respected online retailers in the country for ground cover orders

Classy Groundcovers

Company History

Classy Groundcovers began doing business in 2004 with the goal of supplying gardeners with quality ground covers at affordable prices.  Since that time they have created a business that handles small and large customers.  Orders are treated with impeccable care.


Located in Blairsville, Georgia, Classy Groundcovers has earned an exceptional reputation in the garden industry.  They have been mentioned as a go to source for buying ground covers by such noted publications as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Newsweek. Classy Groundcovers ranks in the top 30 on the popular Dave’s Garden watchlist.  In addition, they also have the distinction of being rated by Dave’s as a top 5 online retailer for flowering vines and ground covers. 

What They Sell

The bread and butter for Classy Groundcovers is a large variety of all types of ground cover plants, climbing vines, and perennial flowers.


Plants are well packed.  They arrive at your door in boxes, with FREE shipping. Orders are delivered in pots or in bare root form, depending on the plant and upon your choice.  All shipments are made through UPS.  Classy Groundcover will only ship if the plants will arrive at your door prior to the upcoming weekend.  The reason for this is that they do not want your plants delivered on a weekend when they might possibly be left unattended for two days.  If a delivery location is 3 days out they will not ship an order out later than a Tuesday.

Why Buy from an Online Garden Retailer?

The advantages to be found in shopping for seeds and plants online are numerous.

  • You can shop at your own leisure from the comfort of your home.  From there you have access to detailed descriptions of every available plant and product, with reviews from customers available.  While a garden center has plant descriptions they are often limited in detail.  In addition, the in house nursery staff may not have the time to answer each question you might have.
  • Online choices are not limited to what the local garden center has on hand.  Furthermore, they will usually have a larger selection of varieties and sizes.
  • Products are often cheaper due to lower overhead.  Consequently, savings can be significant when buying several plants.
  • The plants and products you purchase are delivered to your front door in a timely manner.  In addition good online retailers have developed excellent packaging methods for the actual shipment from their location to your home.



English Ivy:  Great as a groundcover or climbing vine. For dense shaded areas, but also tolerates sun.


Purchase English Ivy and other Ivy varieties here:

English Ivy





Coreopsis Moonbeam:  A low maintenance, award winning perennial that dazzles with early summer color


Purchase Moonbeam and other Coreopsis varieties here:

Coreopsis Moonbeam




Carolina Jessamine:  Spring blooming vine that is a favorite for training decks, fences, arbors, and pergolas


Purchase Carolina Jessamine and other vines here:

Carolina Jessamine