What About Planting for Winter-Things You Can Do

What About Planting for Winter
Winterberry Holly

In the past few months we have seen summer’s heat give way to milder and shorter days of fall. Depending on your location temperatures may have dipped a great deal, or perhaps only slightly. But what about planting for winter? Do I even need to do anything garden wise, or should I just let everything roll over into next spring?


Well, you can take a winter break, but if you do you will miss a great opportunity.  This is a great time for improving things around your landscape. There are plenty of things that you can do during this period of the year.  And frankly, some of them should you should only do at this time. Winter related tasks, landscaping changes, and adding in new winter friendly plants are a few of the things to consider.  These will keep you busy during the times when your garden is its most dormant. Continue reading “What About Planting for Winter-Things You Can Do”